Whether you’re building, renovating or just feel like something new, we have 6 tips that will help…


Feel the sense of satisfaction that comes from a spruce up! Below are six DIY backyard projects to do over the long summer holidays. Get your kids and family involved to prepare for the long awaited summer!


Tip N.1 – Redo your letterbox

Although it may sound simple and ineffective, first impressions count, and a letterbox is often the first thing everyone sees when they look at your property.

You could give it a paint, or, if your looking for something really fresh and different, why not get a new one. They come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and materials. So choose a style that makes your home stand-out!

Remember: A well-maintained letterbox indicates a well-maintained home. What says ‘sleek sophistication’ more than natural stone?


Tip N.2 –  Add a fire pit or pizza oven!

Create some atmosphere through your home with your very own fire pit or pizza oven. Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean you can’t toast marshmallows from the comfort of your own backyard!

If you like the idea, but want to keep the expense low, why not go for a fire pit!? It’s practical, cheap and most importantly, you’ll make loads of fun memories with it. However, if you’re looking for more of a luxury, high-end feel, whilst implementing a fun and exciting way to entertain your guests, why not opt for a pizza oven! Family friendly, pizza ovens make the perfect addition to any home.

Remember: Get that special holiday feel with a backyard fire pit, or, imagine the delicious aroma of a homemade stone cooked pizza right out of the oven. Either way, you can’t lose! 


‘Organic Bluestone’ Steppers


Tip N.3 –  Stepping Stones

But what If you’ve tried everything, and still feel like there’s just something missing.

What about stepping stones?!

Simple they may appear, but, if placed correctly, they can actually serve as a feature in your garden. They can be used to break up expanses of turf and accentuate your favourite aspects of the garden. The best part is, they come in hundreds of different shapes, colours and textures, so there’s bound to be something for you! If you want a harmonious flow through your garden, why not try our Natural Stone Steppers?

Remember: Stepping Stones bring balance to a garden, introduce some greenery around the steps or cut through plants and grass with the impressive textural contrast of stone.


Tip N.4 – Edge the garden

If you’re a bit of a perfectionist like me, you’ll really appreciate Garden Edging. Although it seems boring, Garden Edging tidies up the transition between lawn and landscape with a streamlined edge. The lawn edging keeps grass roots from creeping into the stone wall, and the mulch provides a mowing track for lawn mower wheels.

Remember: Edging is like organisation for you garden, it keeps everything in its place, whilst creating a congruous and sleek finish. It’s easy to install and easy on the eye…It’s the cherry on top of the cake!


Cape Stone Walling

‘Cape’ Walling & ‘Travertine’ Garden Edge


Tip N.5 – Show Stopping Stone Feature                                    

This idea requires more effort but is worth every cent! Nothing compares to the allure of Natural Stone looking  authentic in an outdoor space. No more dull limestone or brick walls, a featured stone wall will create that edge of sophistication and class your home is missing! Create incredible exterior and interior designs with our wide range of Stone Cladding & Panels, adding character to your home.

Remember: If you don’t want the hassle of a renovation but would still like something big enough to make a difference, why not add a stone wall feature. A stone wall will bring dimension, style and sophistication to your home…it’s everything you need in one.


Tip N.6 – Sleek Retaining Wall 

If you have uneven ground around the outside of your home or garden, then it’s likely you have the need for a retaining wall. Cover up uneven landscapes, and section your backyard into manageable areas, you may find you have more space than you thought! As agents for all the major manufacturers, 3D Stone have every colour and profile available on the market. Take advantage of our vast knowledge in this area, to help you select the correct retaining system for your backyard make over, we can help you every step of the way. Designed to last, the link walls are very easy to lay yourself if you are handy, or, we can recommend a wall contractor to complete the job for you.

Remember: Retaining walls benefit you and your garden, they’re designed to last the test of time while being cost effective and easy to lay.


‘Ephraim’ Retaining Wall 


Whether you have a small backyard that needs a tidy up or a massive space that you can hardly keep under control, these six tips might just spur you into action. The results will only be positive, even adding value to your home. Make sure to relax, enjoy your handiwork and most of all, have fun!

We look forward to the sunny weather and days by the pool ahead!

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Feel the sense of satisfaction that comes from a spruce up! A little reno can go a long way in making your backyard or outdoor area feel fresh and inviting.

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