General / Skimmer Lids

Say goodbye to unsightly metal grates and bulky, plastic skimmer lids in your beautiful landscaped area with a large range of innovative lids for skimmers, drain and access points to provide a sophisticated alternative. Any of the Skimmer products inlay lids can be fitted with tiles, stone or concrete to match the surrounding landscape, creating a luxury, uninterrupted outdoor space.

Lids can be installed both in new/old pools & landscapes, or retrofitted in existing outdoor areas. They are designed for quick (and affordable) installation by a contractor for a high-end, sleek & seamless design that blends right in & conforms to national pool safety standards.

Edge Protectors / Recess Frames

A stainless-steel frame inserted into the recess. It protects the coping & surrounds from chipping/breakage when the lid is opened/closed.

Quad Care & Maintenance important information you need to know, so your QUAD Lid will continue to look as good as new.