The Pool filter boxes are soundproof with a state-of-the-art unique design that can all be assembled in as little as 15 minutes – and without any nuts or bolts! These Soundproof Enclosures come in a variety of standard sizes & are readily available in stock. Catering to a variety of configurations including backless boxes, additional side access, various heights, widths and depths. Can also custom fabricate on request.

Pool Filter Boxes:


Easy to assemble in as little as 15 minutes (on average) – NO nuts and bolts, NO screws or any special tools required!

Reduce Noise by up to 80%

Offer more internal space for easier access – with no bars across the middle and a fully removable front door

 Save money on design – A custom designed box made from timber or other material will undoubtedy cost more – and won’t look as good!

Save money on equipment – Inferior or cheaper alternatives may cost you more money in the long run as they may be poorly ventilated and damage your equipment.

Save money on running costs – A properly sound-proofed box means that you can save money on electrcity by turning on your equipment at night

Comply with all state and council requirements with regards to sound proofing and any other structural aspects.

Provide enhanced sturdiness yet lighter than other models on the market

Made of Australian galvanized steel with a thick powdercoat finish

Thick acoustic foam & denser than other products on the market

Anti-corrosion and built to withstand the harshest weather conditions

Come in various colours

Online installation video