Quality bricks, blocks, pavers and retaining walls that add value to your home.

Designed and developed by Apex Masonry, our TrendStone Retaining Wall system offers Australia’s only range of standard and universal corner blocks with four beveled edges on all block faces.

Classic Wall
Apex Masonry’s Classic Wall Retaining Wall system delivers a simple, functional and flexible solution for straight or curved walls. For accurate and continuous angling of the wall, every block is manufactured with a small lip at the rear for locating the course. Made solid for strength and durability, Classic Wall is designed to withstand Australia’s harsh and ever-changing climate conditions.

Delivers a mini boulder look giving a unique and flexible solution for straight or curved walls. The flexibility of BoldStone as a garden wall makes it an instant favourite. The tumbling process during manufacturing results in a natural stone appearance. With its 2-sided profile the BoldStone garden wall allows for a wide range of applications and design options.