Stone has been used in architectural design for thousands of years & formed in the earth for millions. Incorporating the natural world into your home can transform its look & feel by tuning into the frequency of nature to bring you & your space peace.

Stone Walling.
The rough surfaces of natural walling can add a textural aesthetic on the inside or outside of your home, with no two pieces the same but instead, full of variation to colour, tone & size so you can create a nurturing space for your soul while maintaining a luxurious surround.
The durable & robust quality of the walling ensures little need for maintenance as it improves with age like a fine wine; the uses for these stunning facades really are endless.

Stone Flooring.
Natural textures have a grounding effect & stimulate the senses. By featuring stone as flooring in your home both you & your guests can receive the natural sophistication, grounding & centring from the world’s most ancient building material. Nothing feels like natural stone underfoot.
Utilizing the natural variations in the stone can allow for a warmth to permeate the space & add character as time passes. All design needs warmth, and any stone even if it’s in cool colours and an ultra-modern design, still conveys warmth simply due to its character.
The naturally vast range of stone allows for easy styling & aesthetics as well as a variety of finishes for every area of the home, seamlessly blurring the indoors with the outdoors.

Stone Pools.
Stone has long been used for coping on pools & the surrounds; however, smaller cut stone/stone mosaics now allow for a higher end finish & colour to the inside of your pool. This emerging trend is making its way into Australia with the naturally green & blue coloured stones being used internally to give a stunning resort effect to your pool.
Stone has seen a recent resurgence amongst the design community, with even a little stone able to elevate any design you can rest assured that your space will have the same timeless quality of the natural world.
Stone is of a timeless nature, bearing the qualities of the natural world and allowing you to be at one with it. With endless options & aesthetics, natural stone is always cutting edge, enduring in quality & beauty.


Natural Stone for Natural Style

Stone has been used in architectural design for thousands of years & formed in the earth for millions.

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