The outdoors will come alive with the arrival of spring! The months get warmer, social calendars fill up and we are drawn outside with longer days. There’s no better time to get ready for when the hotter seasons roll around than now. Here are some tips for getting your pool and outdoor area looking their best.


Tip 1.   Clean your pool

It sounds obvious but a tidy up of your pool area can make a world of difference, especially removing the debris built up over months of disuse. As the temperature heats up, algae and bacteria become more active so ensure the PH Levels are properly balanced. A well-tuned pump motor will save you lots of energy and cash. Don’t forget to check the pool pump, clean the filter and empty your skimmer box. A little work now will save a lot later, your pool will be cleaner, cheaper, more sustainable and easier to maintain. Leave your pool sparkling clean and you’ll want to spend as much time as possible enjoying it!


Tip 2.   Mulch

Sweep off the steps and rake up any leaves and add to the compost. Remove any weeds or scrappy veggies that have survived the winter. Trim path edges with a spade or whipper snipper. Replace any kinking or cracked hoses and fittings. Give your soil some TLC and nourishment after the dry winter. Dig in well-rotted manure or compost and add a sprinkle of organic fertilizer, such as chook poo pellets. This is especially important when you’re going to spread mulch, since, useful as it is, mulch tends to deplete the soil of nutrients as it breaks down. Once your soil is well-nourished and moist, add a thick layer of mulch to conserve that moisture and save yourself time and money on the watering front, as well as keeping weeds to a minimum. Make sure to leave an un-mulched area around stems and trunks to prevent rot.



Tip 3.   Clean and seal stone


Remove furniture and plants from your paved area, sweep away leaves, dust and dirt, then hose down and wash the pavers thoroughly. Avoid metal tools or anything with an abrasive surface.

Regular cleaning will help avoid stains and build-up which can occur from pot plants, furniture or an accumulation of water or organic matter. Call us to find out the correct sealer for your paved area to maintain your flooring and you’ll have a vibrant area for years to come.

Tip 4. Prune and add new plants!

Now is the time to cut away any dead wood and trim back extra growth, allowing new shoots and buds all the space and light they need to get going for spring and summer. New plants will add a breath of fresh air and new style. A beautiful new pot, a fresh herb garden or colourful flowers will give your garden that extra vibrance.

Feel like a total makeover?

Whether it’s time for a full backyard revamp, renovating, building or just an upgrade – consider an easy to maintain natural stone paver. Offering a timeless feature not just in looks but also practicality, the pavers stay cool underfoot even in the hottest Australian summers. Both hard-wearing and easy to maintain, stone is ideal for entertaining and alfresco areas, pool surrounds and pathways.


3D Stone offer a range of beautiful products for landscaping and paving your outdoor areas. From standard to specialist pavers, feature stone walls and stepping stones you can see all the products we have to offer online, at our architectural showroom in West End or at your own home with our Mobile Showroom service. Call today!



Feel the sense of satisfaction that comes from a spruce up! A little reno can go a long way in making your backyard or outdoor area feel fresh and inviting.

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Find out what your options are according to state restrictions & regulations and receive the best quality tile, paving and stone products in the smoothest process possible with our mobile showroom service.

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Get set for Spring!

The outdoors will come alive with the arrival of spring! The months get warmer, social calendars fill up and we are drawn outside with longer days.

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