Around the middle of last century, Our family was doing stonework as a time honoured tradition in Europe, before settling in the new world of opportunity in Australia, and re-connecting with stone contracting in 1972.

This tradition then passed onto the next generation, where we continued the family tradition of stone masonry and paving in 1988.  In 1999, we started our new business of supply only, of stone & paving materials to the trade and retail; Known in those days as The Paver Trader, we became one of the largest suppliers of pavers, stone and blocks.  In 2012, because of our changing direction over the previous years, we changed our name to 3D Stone Tile & Pavers.  Today we go by the simple name of 3D Stone, which has become our shortened name over the years.

We hope that with our rich history and a keen eye for the future, we can continue to be the supply reference point for the stone, tile, paver and walling industry.

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Passionate about design, we have colour sample boards suitable for all types of surfaces and situations.


With a fantastic array of products in all colours and styles, we will have what you need to help you get a professional finish.


We will pass on our knowledge and provide you with an abundance of different styles in colour and finish. Since we supply large quantities to the trade, you will receive the best service, all at the best prices available.


We supply many of the top pool builders and have a proven track record. We will give you and your client comfort in the knowledge that you are getting the best quality product for swimming pools we have all you need to finish your pool to perfection.


Welcome to the ͚3D Mobile Showroom Experience͛, where we provide a high-quality selection service, available at a place convenient for you.